Patient Portal Login Directions

You will either receive an email with the subject “HF Alerts”. Click on the link provided in the email.
You will receive a printed sheet from our receptionist with your temporary username and password.
If you have the printed sheet, type into your browser.

First you must activate...

  1. First time users click on the “Activate your account” button
  2. An Account information box will pop up requiring you to fill in the temporary username and password provided in the email or printed sheet and the patient's data of birth
  3. Click on “Activate Account”.
    1. Enter your desired username and password along with email address and security question and its answer.
    2. Check box beside User Agreement.
    3. Click Update Account.

Once registered, you will be automatically logged out brought back to the Home Page.


You must Log In again entering your username and password you created.
There Is a small box at the top of the screen named: Patient Registration

  • Select the confirmation checkbox ➔ Click Next


Update Demographic information

(there is a drop-down menu with different categories of Information that need to be filled out.)

  • Enter the required information on each page and click Save information box at the bottom of each page. This will automatically take you to the next section.
  • Once all Information has been entered select the confirmation checkbox above ➔ Click Next

Update Patient Insurance ➔ Save ➔Select the confirmation checkbox ➔ Click Next

Review our HIPAA Policy ➔ Select the confirmation checkbox➔ Click Next

Review our Office Policy ➔ Select the confirmation checkbox ➔ Click Next

When prompted please provide a signature for the reviewed documents by using your mouse or finger.


Click on Review Medical Record then click the blue box on the top left of screen

  • Click Review Medical Record and enter the requested Information under ALL tabs on the left side of the screen
  • ***. This step is not needed If using a desktop computer or laptop. ***
    If using a phone or tablet, click on the blue box at the top left of the screen to go back to Review Medical Records and continue to enter Information.
  • Enter your Allergies, Medical History (click MORE to enter Family and Surgical history), Medications and Social History
  • Click Save at the bottom of each screen

Once all the information is entered, you can now log out


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